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Inside The Box
Portable, modular or relocatable classrooms -- whatever you call them -- are a necessity for schools. Students don't come in class-size packages of 25 to 30 and budgets are tight. But many portables become permanent fixtures, in place for decades at a time. Costly and insufficient, these aging structures burden the grid, frustrate teachers and administrators and compromise student health.

Life-saving landslide maps 30 years out of date
For Oregon Public BroadcastingEarthFix and PBS Newshour. The deadly landslide in Oso, Wash., highlighted the need for accurate maps of landslides and landslide risks. But those don't exist. USGS hasn't made one since 1982. Oregon and Washington have better data than most states, but theirs is a patchwork. We used it and other sources to make a map of what's known and what's been studied.

Seasons of smoke
First project for Oregon Public Broadcasting and its environmenal reporting team EarthFix. For a series on symptoms of Climate Change, EarthFix reporters delved into the issue of bigger, smokier wildfires. As part of that project, we produced this map visualizing wildfires from 1992-2011, based on a new database from the U.S. Forest Service.